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Seeing The Whole Picture

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

One of the things I've grown to love about photography is realizing that an image will always contain further images. Infinite possibilities within a single composition. A 14mm landscape shot can be cropped down to create a new image. Maybe you notice a certain tree or flower in a wide angle image that you then decide to shoot with a macro lens, creating yet again, an entirely new photograph. Angles, horizon lines, and composition all play such an integral role in creating a specific shot, and by simply tweaking any of them changes the photograph entirely. Then we have time and light to play with as well. A picture taken at sunrise in winter will most certainly not mimic the same shot in summer at sunset. Every image taken can always act as inspiration to capture the next shot. The more we begin to experiment, the more in tune we become with our photographic preferences. When I feel myself becoming bored or uninspired I attempt to shoot something I normally wouldn't, in a way I am not familiar with. Photography, like all art, offers us an outlet of self expression that just like ourselves is ever changing and ever evolving.

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