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Rekindling your passion

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It had been years since I had taken a picture on anything other than my cell phone. I traveled from New York to California on an incredible road trip and hardly took any photo's. Once arrived at my new home, my husband insisted on giving me an actual camera to use since we now lived in one of the most beautiful places I'd ever seen. Fast forward a year to yet another cross country road trip. If you've ever driven on I-80, you know it can be pretty uninspiring. However, I found myself noticing little details out the window...a mountain here, a flock of birds there, and involuntarily reached for my camera. Shooting in manual mode going 80mph on a bleak highway in overcast lighting was against practically everything I had learned in college photography, but I had time to kill and a very large memory card. The results of those first few photographs amazingly surpassed hopes and expectations. What should have been a blurry and dark mess, had in fact turned out quite beautiful in its own right. That first photograph is shown on this page. It was in that moment, that pivotal moment, that my passion had been rekindled. This was art. I could do with it whatever my heart desired with no critiques from peers or professors. The only thing that mattered was what I felt when capturing that moment. How lucky are we to live in a time where a single moment can be captured and preserved for eternity. A photograph can bring back emotions that have long been forgotten. Time is something every single person on this planet can relate to. It's forever fleeting, yet we have the ability to time travel as needed. All that is required, is a photograph.

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