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Let's Talk Lenses: Sigma 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye

For the longest time I had wanted to experiment with a fisheye lens. As a biased user of Nikon glass I found the fisheye to be well out of my price range for a full frame camera. I then stumbled upon Sigma's version of the fisheye which sells new for around $500-$600. I was able to score a pretty pristine mint copy on Ebay for around $300. For $300 I figured why not purchase and try it out? After all, third party lens manufacturers such as Sigma and Tamron have come such a long way and I hadn't yet tested either brand. I was pleasantly surprised by what the Sigma was packing! Sharp and nice detail overall when shooting landscape, which yes I know is odd, but let me tell you it was so refreshing to gain a new perspective on nature through a fisheye. When shooting action at the skatepark I felt the focus was a bit off, however, I was shooting with a Nikon D810 and that particular model is known better for still images so I'm willing to give the lens the benefit of the doubt here. I will be mounting on my D850 shortly to compare and will update when I do so. The lens is sturdy and seems well built. The optional hood gives you the option to shoot within that classic black circular vignette or when removed, a nice wide open ultra wide angle perspective. If you can get it used for around $300 I say it's worth the price. I think this lens is great for anyone looking for something different for their kid and a great way to challenge yourself regardless of the photography you do. I will say though, at the skate or bike park this lens is a must have as it really creates some awesome images! While I mentioned having some focus issues in action, I do know of professional photographers who actually use this lens for weddings and they come out very top notch. If you choose to embark on the Sigma Fisheye journey please share your experience!

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