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Let's Talk Lenses: Nikon 70-200mm F/2.8 VRii

When it comes to needing a little zoom or if I know there will possibly be some action or wildlife, I grab my Nikon 70-200mm without hesitation. The build is heavy and sturdy and I am still able to shoot handheld with this lens. The photos she produces are tack sharp and gorgeous. Even if I shoot and then choose to crop, you lose hardly any sharpness or detail in the image. I have shot many birds using this lens and it is fast and capable. While this lens is quite heavy and difficult to travel or hike with, I do tend to keep it in my backpack (if I am able) as I use it quite often and for so many different scenarios. My model being the VRii is the most current model coming in at a cool $2,099.00. I scored mine on Ebay for around $1,000.00 give or take. This is definitely a lens that I would replace if anything were to happen to it. I would suggest this lens for anyone interested in wildlife, sports, or perhaps more compressed landscapes shots. I would say that even at it's high price point you really get what you pay for, which is an extremely reliable and versatile lens that nearly anyone can benefit from owning!

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