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Let's Talk Camera's: Nikon D850

The talk of the town for quite some time has been the Nikon D850 Professional DSLR. Writing this in 2022 we can discuss how it holds up against it's competition as well as it's brother the new Mirrorless Z9. Having a Nikon D810 I was eager to finally upgrade my camera. The dilemma was do I go with the now older D850 DSLR, do I jump on the band wagon and go mirrorless with the Z7ii which was a price point close to the much older D850, or refinance my house to get the new Z9 flagship powerhouse? Well, process of elimination was the answer for me. The D850 was affordable and had significant upgrades from the D810. The Z7ii has nearly the same specs as the D850 with less battery life, but came in light and small body. The Z9 is Nikon's newest and potentially one of their greatest cameras, but you were going to pay an easy $5000 for it. I decided to go with the D850 as I have a full collection of F mount lenses and the battery life when I am backpacking is a definite selling point for me. Plus, it was a major upgrade in megapixels, speed, and it's sensor compared to my D810. So I bought it brand new from Nikon on sale for $2500, which if you look at what used models go for, was really not a bad deal. The detail in every photo is spectacular as well as the color. I am only scratching the surface on what it is capable of, but I am extremely happy with my decision as it was the perfect combination of an upgrade and affordable for me. I think this camera is for anyone looking to get a truly professional camera without entirely breaking the bank. While older, the technology is still very up to date. In 5 years I will consider going mirrorless with the Z9, but until then I'll take the thousands I saved and get myself some new lenses!

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