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Let's Talk Camera's: Nikon D3500

I purchased the D3500 a few years back with the hopes of getting back into photography. Needless to say, it worked. This little crop-sensor camera is amazing for someone like myself who travels a lot and shoots outdoors. I bought the package deal with two lenses which comes in at over $700. Now it's 2022 and you can get this camera for much cheaper, maybe $300 or so on EBay (which I recommend). If you can find one for that cheap, it is a true steal. This little camera is lightweight, durable (trust me, I dropped it more than once on the trail), and produces crisp, sharp, beautiful images. If you have shot Nikon before it is easy to use and pretty much self explanatory. If you are new to photography this camera is simple enough to learn on and would be a great starter for anyone. Even at the full price I would say this camera was worth it. I produced some really stunning images with beautiful color on this little thing. It's perfect for a beginner or even advanced photographer who spends a lot of time hiking and traveling as it's super lightweight and compact. I comfortably backpacked with it strapped to my shoulder and had no issues. Not to mention, this works great for all types of photography from action to landscape as it is pretty quick. I only sold mine in order to upgrade to a full frame camera. I owe all of my current photography to this little guy and often recommend it to friends and family.

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