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California Skate Photography

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

While landscapes have become a true passion of mine over the past several years of adventuring outdoors, skateboard photography always has a place in my heart. All sport photography does. What makes skateboarding photography special to me, is it is where my photographic career began. I invested in my first real photography and editing equipment when I was 15. I spent high school filming and photographing skaters and was so amazed at how I was able to freeze the action in that moment. As my knowledge and technical skill began to advance I moved away from skateboarding photography and fell in love with nature and landscape. Recently I had the opportunity to shoot at my local skate park and was instantly brought back to my younger years. It's not just the excitement of capturing the action, it's the entire skate culture that I will always be in love with. The rebel attitude. The skate or die mentality. Much like people with tattoos, skaters were always viewed as the degenerates of society wasting their days rolling around parking garages and getting chased by cops. That was my life and I loved it. In the off chance that you read this and you want to be photographed, e-mail me. I will respond, and regardless of your skill level, I will show up for you. We will throw on some punk music and crack open a beer and if we are lucky we'll go home unscathed and my camera will be in one piece.... and if it's not, then it was worth it.

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