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About Carlon Photography

Originally from New York and recently migrated to California, I've had the privilege to be able to shoot everything from street photography to landscapes. While I did begin my photographic journey by shooting extreme sports and portraits, I find that landscapes are where my heart lies. As someone who loves and appreciates nature, it is my goal to capture landscapes that provoke emotion in the viewer without losing authenticity. While I do shoot digital, I come from a background of black and white film photography, and therefore,  all of my photographs are lightly processed and if Photoshop is used in any capacity that information will be conveyed. I love to use nature photography as a means of educating people on the importance of land preservation and conservation. The land that I photograph is often clean and pristine, and it is my goal to help others understand what it takes to keep it that way. Thank you for visiting my page and taking a moment to see the world through my lens!

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